Young  couple's  dance as husband and wife at wedding reception.

Wedding Dance Classes at Dance Center Chicago

We know your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Your first dance as a married couple should be memorable for you and your partner. At Dance Center Chicago, our professional dance instructors have decades of experience working with couples and tailoring to individual abilities. Get ready to impress!

Wedding Preparation Group Class

We offer a special 4 week group class to help prepare you for your wedding. In this class you will learn to feel comfortable dancing together so that you can just relax and enjoy your first dance. We will go over basic figures which can be used to any song. These will include a few basic steps, simple under arm turn, an entrance and exit to the floor plus a dip. After this class you’ll have learned enough to feel comfortable while also looking great dancing together. Combining this class with a few private lessons with one of our Wedding Packages is a perfect combination to have the best results.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to receive individual instruction and customize your first dance. Our knowledgeable instructors will assist you in picking the dance style that best fits your music selection and will work with you to meet your first dance goals. Private lessons are also helpful for preparing parents for their turn on the dance floor.

$80 per 45-minute lesson

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Preparing for your Wedding Dance Lessons

To help you prepare for your dance lessons, we recommend that you come ready to discuss your first dance and individual goals. This includes, the type of music you’ll be playing at your wedding, the type of reception hall or dance floor you’ll have at your wedding, the type of dance you’re looking to create and any particular dances or techniques you would like to concentrate on.

Your instructor will help you develop a lesson plan to help you look confident on the dance floor for your big day!



Have a fun and memorable first dance. We offer both group classes and private lessons to fit your needs.

  • Single Private Lesson

  • Package I

    You get 3 private lessons, wedding prep group class and 30 min free practice time.

  • Package II

    you get 5 private lessons, one wedding prep group class and 45 min free practice time.

  • Package III

    You get 8 private lessons, monthly wedding prep group class and 60 min free practice time.

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