Salsa Classes


Intro to Salsa, 8-9pm

Beginner Salsa 7-8pm

Intermediate Salsa 8-9pm

Salsa Class

What to expect.

Intro to Salsa – in this class you will learn a few basic steps of Salsa. This class covers the basic, Right turn, Left turns, Cross Body Lead. You’ll also learn some partnering skills on how to lead and follow these figures. This class is for those who have no prior experience in Salsa.

Beginner Salsa – This class expands on what you learned in Intro to Salsa. Getting into more detail about partnering, learning new skills, figures and turns. In this class we will cover inside and outside turns along with different hand hold combinations.

Intermediate Salsa – This class is for those that already have a strong understanding of the basic figures of Salsa. This class will go into more detailed technique of partnering skills, foot and body action along with learning more advanced figures and combinations.

What to wear

We suggest wearing whatever you’re comfortable moving in. Gym shoes are fine, but we suggest something with more of a smooth sole, non-rubber. As the rubber sole shoes can make it difficult to turn. As you progress and get to higher levels there are specific shoes for dancing but in the beginning classes this isn’t necessary.

A few videos of salsa dancing at Dance Center Chicago