Dance Center Chicago has five private studios and one shared ballroom floor.

Private Studios Fees

Private studios range in size from 800 to 1200 square feet. Each is mirrored and is equipped with a sound system ready for iPods, laptops, and phones. Reservations are required.

Drop-in requests are accommodated whenever possible.

  • 1-2 Students

  • 3-4 Students

  • 5-8 Students

  • 9-12 Students

  • 13-15 Students

  • 16+ Students


Monthly Practice Pass

We offer an unlimited monthly practice pass. For only $40/month you can have unlimited practice in the main ballroom during business hours. This is for the Main Ballroom Floor Only. The main ballroom is a shared space with multiple teachers and dancers using it and sharing music at the same time. General rules of this are: teachers get priority over music when the teachers are not using the music then dancers practicing may have access. As well general courtacy is Ballroom dancers move along the outside of the floor while latin dancers should stay in the middle of the floor.


Save with our memberships! Only $100/year! With our membership you get the following:

30% off all group classes and entrance to all DCC sponsored events.