Private Dance Classes at Dance Center Chicago

Private lessons are a great way to help you improve your dancing whether your goal is to prepare that special dance for your wedding day, become a better social dancer, or improve your technique and skills as a competitor. Dance Center Chicago is committed to help you reach your own goals no matter what your ability is.

Our instructors are amongst the best instructors you’ll find in the Chicago area. Dance Center Chicago is also home to multiple champion level dancers, as well as multiple World, US, Australian, British and Russian Ballroom and Latin Finalists.  We also bring in top ballroom coaches and judges every month to help dancers of all levels improve their own skills.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy dancing with your partner or want to perfect your skills for a professional competition, our instructors will custom-tailor your private lessons to help you progress and achieve your personal dancing goals!


Private Lesson Packages at Dance Center Chicago

Regardless of your ability or level, working one-on-one with our instructors will help you reach your goals – whether that’s getting ready for your big day, enjoying social dancing or competing in a professional competition.

Our private lessons are 45 minutes long and good for up to two people. You can choose a package that’s right for you.  Our packages are:

·         $80 for one lesson

·         $375 for a package of 5 lessons ($75/lesson)

·         $700 for a package of 10 lessons ($70/lesson or $100 off!)

Private Lessons

Personalized Dance Instruction to Accelerate Your Goals

Private dance classes are a great way to help you master technique or to accelerate your learning. The individual instruction ensures you get the most practice and guidance to help you achieve proper technique and form.

During your first private lesson, our professional dance instructors will create a lesson plan specific to your goals and your starting level to help you progress and achieve your personal objective.

Your private classes can also focus on popular dance styles such as:

  • Latin
  • Ballroom
  • Wedding Preparation
  • Ballet
  • Swing
  • Tango and more!

Learn from the Best at Dance Center Chicago
At Dance Center Chicago, we are committed to sharing the love of dance with you!

Stop by to say “Hi” or get in touch to discuss your personal goals with an instructor!