Group Classes

Our Classes start the first day of each month and consist of four consecutive weekly classes through out the month.  

  • One, 4 Week Group Class

    4 weeks of class

  • Two, 4 Week Group Classes

    (a $40 saving, can also be used as a couple for one class)

  • Drop In Class


Classes currently offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. 


  • Swing II 7pm Taught by Richard
  • Bachata III 7pm Taught by Tony
  • Salsa I 8pm Taught by Tony
  • Salsa II  8pm Taught by Jesus
  • Argentine Tango I 8pm Taught by Lena and Olig
  • Argentine Tango II 9pm Taught by Lena and Olig


  • Swing I 7pm Taught by Richard 
  • Swing III 8pm  Taught by Richard 
  • Ballroom 101 7pm Taught by Erin
  • Choose Your Role Salsa I 7pm Taught by Jesus
  • Choose Your Role Bachata II 8pm Taught by Jesus


  • Bachata I 7pm Taught by Tony      
  • Salsa III 7pm Taught by Jesus
  • Salsa Footwork on 2 at 8pm Taught by Jesus 
  • Bachata II 8pm Taught by Tony
  • Wedding Preparation 8pm Taught by Alisa



Kizomba 12:00pm – 1:00pm – with Pascal and Sandra

Kizomba Practice 1:00pm – 2:00pm – With Pascal and Sandra

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