Come and learn the sensual movements of kizomba with Jacob S. Heiss at Dance Center Chicago! This class is suitable for absolute beginners all the way up to more advanced kizomba dancers. Topics include: kizomba fundamentals, partnerwork, styling, body movement, musicality, and comparisons between subgenres of kizomba like semba, tarraxinha, urban kiz and more!



Jacob S. Heiss aka Just Jacob has been dancing kizomba diligently for several years and is currently one of the top kizomba DJs and event organizers in Chicago, with weekly residencies at clubs like Sound-Bar, Rio Chicago, etc. plus touring appearances across the nation at events like the Chicago Salsa Bachata Festival, Orlando International Kizomba Festival, The DC Bachata Congress “The World’s Largest Bachata Festival”, and more. The list of instructors with whom Jacob has studied includes not only Chicago-based favorites like El R Pascal & Sandra Jm (Chicago/Senegal) and Cesar Wilson & Isabelle Papoulias (Chicago/Angola) but also internationally recognized kizomba all stars like Sara Lopez (Spain), To Costa De Angola (UK/Angola), Lucia Nogueira (Portugal), Helio Santos (Cabo Verde), Maria Ivanova (Tampa/Russia), Jazzy Cubango (Paris), Tony Pirata & Sophie Fox (Portugal/UK), Mark Brewer (Detroit), Cymeone Mopao (Paris), Charles Ogar (Austin), and more. For more information, drop him a line at or 312-870-0287