Kids Dance Lessons at Dance Center Chicago

If you have a little dancer at home, Dance Center Chicago can help them build their confidence and master technique and form. We offer a variety of dance classes for children, both group and private, to help children learn dance and give them the satisfaction and enjoyment of knowing how to dance.

Our instructors are professional dancers with decades of experience and know how to make dance lessons for children fun and exciting.

Fun Dance Instruction for Children

At Dance Center Chicago, we offer a variety of dance lessons for children ages 1 to 12. We have collaborated with partners to offer a variety of great kids classes. These classes include:

Dance To Evolve – These classes include kids movement, ballet, jazz and hip-hop. They are split into years of 1-12. Each of these age groups are broken up into groups of children their own age. The classes meet every Monday and Saturday morning.

Bollywood Groove – This program uses dance and movement as an interactive vehicle to teach the language, literature, culture and history of various regions of India via the characteristic dance of that region.

Each session, the students learn a dance  routine: A 2-3 minute choreographed Indian dance using popular Bollywood tunes with folk or regional music influence. Each age group focuses on age-appropriate goals in a globalized educational environment where they learn about a rich culture while simultaneously growing into strong dancers with coordination, posture, grace and other movement fundamentals.

You can also choose from group or private lessons depending on your child’s abilities and goals.