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Argentine Tango Concept, Philosophy, Technique, Sequences, Music,

Culture, Codes and much more

What to expect from the classes:

First Part of Class – fundamentals of the dance includes body and footwork, embrace, body language, technique

of movements for leading and following roles;

Second Part of Class – Sequences, musicality, codes for Tango, Vals and Milonga.

About the Class

This class is a collaboration between Dance Center Chicago and Lena and Oleg Mashkovich. They are very experienced Tango instructors and also host a Milonga here at Dance Center Chicago every 1st and 2nd Saturday of the month. Come take this class, learn the Tango and enjoy dancing at one of the Saturday parties!

Tango performance at one of the weekly Milongas

The Teachers

Lena and Oleg

Since 2004 Ellen host milonga in Chicago , Tango Dj, teach and host visiting instructors of Tango Salon in their

Tango Design Co and Tango Design School of Argentine Tango

In 2010 they discovered their maestros Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juarez – directors and choreographers

of “Corporacion Tangos” Company and School.

In 2012 Ellen and Oleg were honored to present their solo improvised dances in the famous local milongas “La

Baldosa” and “Club Sunderland” and “Corporacion Tangos” School shows/recitals every year.

Finalists of USA official Argentine Tango Competition of 2015 and 2016, Ellen and Oleg received many

positive comments from the audience, competitors and judges as a couple “which carries Authenticity of

Argentine Tango, super musicality and great respect of Tango as an art of social dance”.